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Words cannot see,
What I need to say,
Hidden amongst,
Opaque tongue play,
I sit under I,
Dwelling within,
Waiting to steal,
The joy from my kin,
Greyscale mindset,
Envelops my eyes,
The ID of me former,
My Ego disguised,
:iconangst-of-one:Angst-of-One 0 0
I am a Blank
My mind awash with color
That my eyes cannot speak,
I bleed onto paper as words open my veins
Meaningless yet Meaningful,
Thought itself like a child reaching for a high shelf,
Empty and barren
Full of promise
I sit here alone
Because of myself
Mirrors ask reasons for which i have no answer
I am a blank
A draft for a purpose...
:iconangst-of-one:Angst-of-One 1 0
From beaming yellow,
To violent red,
Skin peels like the pages of a book of some unloved fate,
Groaning under the flow of the mistimed shower,
Both optimistic and naive
Grass blades pierce like shards of shimmering glass,
As i lay
The humm of a hidden chorus in the green soothes my wounds
Performers flee
Twisting and darting away from nothing it seems
Only to find the red over and over,
Feet like a drum-line..
A wry little smile cracks in the irony,
For here i shall stay
:iconangst-of-one:Angst-of-One 4 1
What can you really find at the end of that path,
Does your shallow speculation, rendered from some painful altercation
Drive you forward into that abyss of self discovery that pulses deep within the soul,
A casual walk down memory lane to find a source to blame,
An ink blot on your pristine white, A scar?
Can you really pluck a feather from your plume free of doubt or consequences
I spent a life inside my head, perpetual existence incarnate,
Not quite sane or insane, but a beautiful state of consciousness.
Where what you seek leads you on with a coy smile,
But always just out of reach,
I'm just a boy who walks everywhere,
I'm just a boy who wants answers,
Or perhaps someone in the world to blame except that damn reflection,
Nightmares shroud the dream-lit sky, as that candle you grasp flutters close to extinction in that chilly remorseful breeze,
There is no singularity, blemish or nor spot to prick,
Ouroboros is all i find in me.
:iconangst-of-one:Angst-of-One 17 10
Awoken by the sun's bold kiss through parted curtains
Softly caressing away those last memories of nocturnal fantasy
As my eyes meet her gaze
The world unfurls like crumbled paper in a light breeze,
Mornings like children at play
Innocent and content..
Everything silver-lined..
That bird of hope held in his eager palms
Let free to meet another morning soul.
Mother Sun holds him tight to her breast
Safe from adolescence,
For the unfurling paper,
Far from innocent,
Makes the boy grow distant from his mother's solace
And follow his sibling days away...
:iconangst-of-one:Angst-of-One 7 5
Uncontrolled Art Students by Angst-of-One Uncontrolled Art Students :iconangst-of-one:Angst-of-One 0 0
The Forest
A silhouette cavalcade,
Stretches back into the darkness.
As the wind creates daunting figures to toy with my eyes
Moonlight gleams and caresses them
Basking the tree's in a steely mirage
Jealous of their sisters green hue's they creak and moan
Tormented by this parody of day
Yearning for the sun
The nocturnal choir echoes across this landscape
Ironically soothing in their distress
The moon rests behind a cloud
Darkness eclipses all
No more figures taunt my gaze,
Yet the voices of the choir disperse
Free without their gleaming conductor
My ears are now betray me,
My heart races
As i search for a familiarity
A friend in the black
The moon recovered peaks from behind its cloud
Basking the true way home in its effortless yet arrogant glow
For he hides the truth in that boyish smile of his
:iconangst-of-one:Angst-of-One 7 5
The station
I see you there,
Across from me,
In a corner people's eyes seldom reach,
Two jaundice yellow globes part a matted sheet,
A patchwork tapestry of deception and despair,
Woven from a lonely soul,
I walk to you,
Driven by your fearless smile,
Yet daunted by your hollow stare,
"Spare some change for the train Sir?"
The train I fear follows a different line,
As the tracks run up his bony arms,
Pity sets in with the sound of falling coins,
On a cracked concrete floor
:iconangst-of-one:Angst-of-One 5 4
Dealers Hand
This soft Cotton bedspread,
Clings to me like comfortable armor,
Shielding from the world outside my solace,
My one haven,
This diamond in the rough
In the metaphorical minefield called family life
Place your bets please..
Who really holds the winning hand
What do you gain from trust
Who do you stand to loose,
You or them,
Same old tricks new disguise
Ace of Guilt and the Jack of Deception
:iconangst-of-one:Angst-of-One 0 0
Back beyond the darkened eve,
Naivety wraps the child's mind in silk,
Soft and comforting like fantasy,
A caring protector smile caresses,
Though her fate is bound to a lesser good
His mind free as the eagle and pure as the dove,
Unrestrained by life's hardships
The clouds descend...
She is gone,
His mind charcoal smudged by one realization after the next,
Tarnished like wine spilled  on carpet,
Never to be removed,
He is alone,
Shrouded in pseudo-protectors,
Who's guise convincing till they hurt,
"Ill be strong for her...I won't cry",
Say's the boy with a tear gleaming on his cherry cheek
:iconangst-of-one:Angst-of-One 5 4
The guardian
Malevolent Protector,
Eyes cold as steel,
Sharpened tongue forged from the same,
Not a blemish of compassion scars your cherubim face,
For your damage comes from within,
A twisted soul and moral compass,
Guide you to you inevitable and lonely fate,
For your guise is only believed by your self,
So as you wallow in your misdeeds,
Laughing at your fellow man's hardship through rose-tinted glasses,
We pity you,
Desecration of love is a criminal act,
You damage as you have been,
Burying hope and loyalty under cold damp earth
callousness embraces you tightly,
Stroking your hair,
And your un-scarred cherubim face...
:iconangst-of-one:Angst-of-One 2 0
The Cavern
A candle by the cavern,
Deep as deceit,
And dark as the lie,
The warm basking light only scratches its surface,
For what lies within heals the wounds of one,
Yet burdens all who follow him
Truth carves its hallowed name,
Like sharpened claws in tender respite,
The mirror,
Trusted ally and devotee,
Blind-sights feelings,
And now bears no salvation
As the enemy we know,
Bared teeth and lips taught,
Laughing like the cursed Cheshire cat,
Is like oil to the flame
For the darkness we fear,
We also seek
:iconangst-of-one:Angst-of-One 4 2
Who I was...and am
Welcome to my narcissistic jungle,
Where bass drums cover up what little self realization remains,
It is a paradise of self deceit,
And a void of truth,
Burring deeper into parched sand,
Miracles happen on this shoreline,
Just not to me
Joy is freedom,
Yet freedom is double edged,
One finds solitude in tranquil resolve,
And one in bitter jealousy,
Of what once was
:iconangst-of-one:Angst-of-One 0 1
Veil of Translucency
Veil of translucency,
You cover not what we see,
Nor what we hear,
But feel,
Our sense of what it feels to be,
That purest pride,
And elegant vanity,
Come shattered confidence,
And twisted bitter jealousy,
You strip away what cannot be,
Hide it from crying eyes,
Of those who look back,
Beyond the pool of what was me.
:iconangst-of-one:Angst-of-One 2 4
Sunday Morning Ambience
Sunday Morning Ambience,
Tranquil sunlight bleeds the room dry of shadows,
Rustling  leaves from naked trees
And the bitterness of nights departure,
Sheets are solitude,
Dripping taps like drops of reality,
Pushing me closer to consciousness,
No Alarm and an aching bladder..
Irony? Or sheer bad luck?
Here we go again
:iconangst-of-one:Angst-of-One 0 1
The one that no-one else can be,
Nor hope to be with,
My solitude and earthly muse,
Her love like sweet poison,
Nicotine to my soul,
An addiction that I cannot nor want to break,
Omnipotent, Omnipresent
Her love though ambiguous to all but one,
Under her spell I will not nor ever need
Anything more than she
:iconangst-of-one:Angst-of-One 9 8


The Offering by 3tx The Offering :icon3tx:3tx 541 93 meeting the black cat by lost-winterborn meeting the black cat :iconlost-winterborn:lost-winterborn 57 19
The Folly of Icarus
Sunlight skitters over
the glowing arch of her neck.
  It may shatter,
exposed and fragile as it is,
with her head on the mattress.
Shining strands of auburn hair,
splayed out like independence fireworks
upon the black satin night,
  might just ignite
under heated gazes.
Rippling rays move
like dancers in a lost ballet
upon her vertebrae.
Their toes leaving trails,
  a slightly smoldering path on pale-shy skin.
And the sun rose,
smiting those dreamers with wax wings.
White curtains fluttered in the breeze,
and the flames engulfed her.
:iconsilkshines:silkshines 2 2
Ink is my Obsession by Minzile Ink is my Obsession :iconminzile:Minzile 1,256 403 spill by atmosblue spill :iconatmosblue:atmosblue 2,235 257 Pie by Tonicacat Pie :icontonicacat:Tonicacat 1,329 117 I lived by Moonlight98 I lived :iconmoonlight98:Moonlight98 263 127 Fish Hook by AlexanderCasteels Fish Hook :iconalexandercasteels:AlexanderCasteels 1,676 71
I am a raisin, lost in a place where it is always dark.
Sometimes a light comes through, and it is less dark.
But, nevertheless, it is always dark.
Here, there is absence, not only of light, but of hope.
It is late. It is dark.
I am waiting for you  to rescue me,
Though I know you will not come.
I am always awake, I am never at rest.
I have shrunken. I feel the size of a grain-
A grain of sand, a grain of ash, a grain of dirt-
A warm, wet grain of dirt, warm from your spit.
I used to be a plump, rich grape.
But, I have transformed,
from a plump, rich grape to a shriveled up raisin.
A dry, lifeless raisin, swept beneath a kitchen refrigerator.
No one looks for me.
Swept where insects crawl; they eat at me.
I can feel the sharp bites as they tear my dry fruitless flesh mercilessly from my dry decaying body.
Where are you? Why did you not come look for me?
You were asleep. Yes, you were asleep.
Your eyelids were closed, but did you not hear my screams?
I have no
:iconsk84z:sk84z 1 13
Eloquence by ryugurl0083 Eloquence :iconryugurl0083:ryugurl0083 2,625 151 Serenity Now, Insanity Later. by Simanion Serenity Now, Insanity Later. :iconsimanion:Simanion 962 652 Modern witchcraft by Kindoffreak Modern witchcraft :iconkindoffreak:Kindoffreak 1,091 88 Lanfren-lanfra by BrumaGris Lanfren-lanfra :iconbrumagris:BrumaGris 1,001 119 Salvation by GloriaPM Salvation :icongloriapm:GloriaPM 714 52 Winter in Blackwater Forest by ElConsigliere Winter in Blackwater Forest :iconelconsigliere:ElConsigliere 594 213



Rohan Moran
United Kingdom
Current Residence: Fleet UK
deviantWEAR sizing preference: M
Favourite genre of music: Anything unusual :) Neurofunk atm
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Favourite cartoon character: Goku
Personal Quote: Creativity confined to a word count...irony perhaps

My compositions check them out if you fancy a change of scene :)



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